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Mo Sherwood Co. ®

        Canadian Painter, Story Artist & Musician 

Mo is an acclaimed Cartoonist/Storyboard Artist, a Freelancer in animation, illustrations and graphic design, a talented painter & musician. He has worked on many famous television animated cartoon series' & film productions from all over the world for more than 25 years.  

His painting style is Retro, Abstract, Cartoony and ever so Vibrant! 
 His abstract art provides a fresh modern look and color inspiration to any room. Yet, If you prefer art that plays well off both vintage and contemporary furnishings then you definitely need to check out his more Retro and Cartoon like artwork.
"Thank you for visiting my site and please take the time to view and enjoy my work. Join us and follow me on my blog, Instagram and/or Facebook and never miss out on upcoming music, art exhibitions or special events. Custom art is available upon request, get in touch and let's talk. " ~Mo Sherwood  
Discover MORE...Visit Mo's Art Gallery and check out his online gallery of originals
Mo Sherwood, cartoonist, painter, drummer

"His work is captivating, colourful and   really cool!"


Colourful Original Art Paintings


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