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Mo Sherwood cartoonist, painter & drummer
Maurice (Mo) Sherwood Sr. & Jr

Mo and his father Maurice Sr.

Maurice Jr Sherwood A.K.A. Mo Sherwood is a Canadian storyboard artist,  cartoonist, Illustrator, musician & painter. He is the youngest of eight children and spent most of his youth on a dairy and agriculture farmstead in Manitoba, Canada.  Animation has been a passion for him since childhood; he began drawing cartoon characters as young as 5 years old.  Mo always demonstrated an interest for the arts,  had a curious mind,  possessed a great sense of humor, enjoyed wearing hats, and loved playing his drums; sometimes much to the dismay of his mother. Even as a child, Mo had decided that he would pursue a career as a cartoonist. In 1993, still holding strong to his dream, he moved to Ottawa, Ontario  with his drums in tow, and obtained his Animation degree.  Post  graduation, determined and excited to embrace his career, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia  and immediately began work for Disney as a cartoonist. 

Over the last 25 years, Mo Sherwood  continues to  enjoy a successful career in animation mainly as a Storyboard Artist/Cartoonist.  He works on several television animation Cartoon series & film productions across the world.  His creative efforts have led him to work on some very fascinating and successful animation series & projects. View Mo Sherwood's list of animation credits.  His professional reputation continues to gain in stature; often attributed to his creative mind &  artistic talents, his ability to tell a funny story and his affable smile and charm!  His animation style is unique, cartoon comedy/gag written and his humor is off  the beaten path and is known to be hilarious!  


Mo passionate for the arts,  decided to take his drawing talents and creativity to canvas in late 2015.  His painting  style is Original, Retro, Surf & Cartoon Art. He launched his first solo art exhibit in a restaurant gallery setting in Fall 2016. Today his Art is not only collectible but highly acclaimed for its uniqueness and vibrancy!  Come out and meet Mo at his various upcoming Art Exhibits. 


In 2016 he launched his company Mo Sherwood Company ® and website  to better showcase his  artistic talents, his paintings, art creations and services to the world. 

Copyright © 2016-2019, Mo Sherwood, All rights reserved 


Mo Sherwood, cartoonist, painter & drummer

"Thank you for visiting my site and discovering my creative work. 

Follow me on social media and  never miss upcoming events or new available art paintings! Please remember to share my art with your friends."

 ~Mo  Sherwood

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